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San Yu Chinese School



Complete Program from 0-12 years old



SanYu Baby

0 - 2 years old

Here's the best early starter program for your baby and toddlers that incorporates right brain stimulation & music in early Mandarin teaching.


Promotes early language acquisition;


Perfect transition to our Playschool.

Infants classes are parents-accompanied sessions, subject to availabiliy.

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SanYu Kindy

3 - 6 years old

Awards-winning preschool Chinese enrichment program that provides a dual track development;


1) Pre-Primary: Malaysia Chinese primary school preparation, and

2) Mandarin tuition programs from Toddlers to 6 years old

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SanYu Primary

~6 - 12 years old

Worry about your child's Mandarin learning if he/she is not attending SJKC?


Join our fun yet internationally benchmarked Chinese enrichment program that pegs to both 1) Malaysia Chinese primary school curriculum and ii) China HSK YCT exam. The objective is to maintain a passion in Chinese within localised context while providing parents a systematic path to Mandarin mastery with international relevancy.

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关于我们 About Us



We are passionate about early learning, Chinese language and culture. It is our mission to enable and empower every child to master Chinese and spread the love of the ancient language.

SanYu Chinese learning is like the growth of a healthy tree. It requires healthy Roots (immersive, early start), strong Structure (clear path of learning development and milestone) and rewarding Fruits (opportunities for child to apply and realise achievement in the language).

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Our Learning Family

TKM Logo (colour text).png

三育学童幼儿园 Trinity Kids Malaysia 

Awards-winning, Parents trusted group of Nursery and Preschool with Daycare and programs for children from birth to 6 years old

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天才儿童教育 GiftedKids.Asia

A digital platform dedicated to provision of resources for child and parents on gifted education and optimising potential of a child.


Awards-winning programs

  • Best Chinese Enrichment Program 2016, 2019*

  • Best Chinese Primary Preparatory Program 2020*

  • Best Bilingual Program 2018*

  • Best Trilingual Program 2019-2020*

  • Best Multi-lingual Curriculum 2017*

  • Best Early Reading Center 2015-2016, 2019-2020*

  • Best Early Reading Program 2019-2020*

*BabyTalk 妈妈宝宝 Readers Choice Awards

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Baby Holding Parent

Cheesie, Malaysia/Japan

First glance and i was smitten. Junya’s classes are for babies from 4-14 months old, where he learns sight reading, vocabulary, chord and notes recognition, numeracy… etc. But what i did notice was that he has opened himself up to strangers. Maybe the separation anxiety phase is naturally fading off too as he grows to be more sociable, but i can see that he is having fun.


And every mom will agree with this: seeing your children’s happy faces, you will continue to do whatever made them so, and it’s all worth it.

Baking Cookings

Allison, Shanghai



Since returning to Shanghai, I notice that our relatives and strangers enjoy interacting with my child. We receive feedbacks that her language skills, music and art foundations are outstanding. Undoubtedly, Z has gained the best foundation she can have at Trinity Kids.

Asian Boy, Malaysia

SanYu Primary is operated by the same group that runs Trinity Kids Malaysia – the preschool that G2 attended. At Trinity San Yu, they believe that the mastery of Chinese goes beyond speaking Mandarin. Children attending their program will be equipped with a solid foundation for Chinese primary schools in Malaysia and inspired with a lifelong love for the Chinese culture.


Through their unconventional approach to learning Chinese, children in this program will be exposed to Chinese history, Classic Literature, Traditions, Character building and dynamic opportunities to build spoken proficiency.


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