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在2016,2019年,三育中文学堂被BabyTalk Readers Choice Awards 提名为“最佳华文增益课程”

The mastery of Chinese goes beyond speaking Mandarin. At Trinity Kids, we want to provide our students a solid foundation for Chinese primary schools in Malaysia and inspire a lifelong love for the Chinese culture. Inspire your child to achieve and succeed in Mandarin, not coerce.

Our San Yu Chinese program offers practical relevance to local Chinese primary curriculum, yet tracks progress internationally.

Cute Baby

SanYu Baby

0-2 years old

1) Daily Home program that incorporates right brain stimulation & music in early Mandarin teaching. Promotes early language acquisition and speech development;

2) (In-person or Digital) Parent-child Chinese enrichment class that incorporates right brain optimisation, music, social and physical development. Perfect starter program for early learning and early social-emotional readiness to Playschool.


SanYu Kindy

3-6 years old

1) (In-person) Preschool programs for Nursery (classes 1-2) and Kindergarten (classes 1-2);


2) (In-person or Digital) Preschool Chinese enrichment programs geared towards Chinese primary preparation; available 1-3 times weekly (levels 1-2)

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SanYu Primary

6-12 years old

Levels 3-6

Once weekly ‘live’ Digital class or intensive course pegged to Malaysia KSSR and China HSK YCT levels 1-4.

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